What Are the Benefits of Electric?

Electric vehicles are changing the way people drive through Bridgeport, CT, and customers need to know all the benefits they have to offer. At Jaguar Fairfield, we work to educate our shoppers on all things automotive. That includes the impressive perks of switching to an EV.

Instant Power

Standard combustion vehicles come with a delay between you hitting the gas and you feeling the power of the engine. This is not the case when switching to electric. Most EVs now come with instant torque. This means that as soon as you press the pedal, you will feel the full might of that vehicle. Many Norwalk, CT customers think making this switch will sacrifice them in the performance category, but it is quite the opposite.

Other Driving Perks

Along with the added power, you also get a ton of other driving perks when choosing an electric vehicle near Shelton, CT. These EVs are quieter, giving you a more peaceful way to take on the road. There are also far fewer moving parts. That leads to less wear and tear, meaning fewer stops at the service center. Overall, you are going to get a much easier drive with any new electric.

A Greener Way to Drive in Milford, CT

Finally, you have a vast reduction in emissions. Every electric vehicle runs solely off a battery and motors. These components don't pump out the same pollutants that a standard combustion engine does. When you go electric, you will be helping our community and the environment stay cleaner.

Find Your Next EV in Fairfield, CT

Visit our dealership near Stratford, CT, to learn more about the benefits a Jaguar EV can bring your life, and how it beats the competition. Our professionals can also walk you through your potential electric purchases and explain the unique perks each one brings to the table. We look forward to changing the way you drive with an electric vehicle soon!

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New Jaguar F-PACE Luxury SUVs at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

If you're in the market for a Jaguar F-PACE luxury SUV, Jaguar Fairfield has a full complement in stock near Bridgeport.

And by providing this choice, a whole host of other aspects supports your purchase or lease. Consider this a Jaguar Fairfield guarantee. Wherein fluent sales and finance professionals, and factory-trained service technicians combine their talent for an unparalleled client experience.

So, let’s look at Jaguar F-PACE near Norwalk at Jaguar Fairfield.

Jaguar F-PACE – The Details to Know

As luxury SUVs go near Milford, Jaguar F-PACE is sure to command attention. There's a certain elegance to exterior contours without mentioning an interior of luxury made. And all one must do is savor the famed Jaguar front grille for senses to stir.

Browse the following categories as they relate to Jaguar F-PACE luxury SUVs found near Shelton at Jaguar Fairfield:


  • Top speed has been clocked at 135 mph, while driven by an automatic, eight-speed transmission.
  • Acceleration from stillness to 60 mph is accomplished in 6.9-seconds.
  • Highway fuel efficiency is dialed in at 27 mpg.


The Jaguar F-PACE is rather self-reliant for a luxury SUV. And this is seen in a variety of aspects when seeking to haul up to 69.1 cu.-ft. of cargo situated behind front seats. Towing opportunities will comprise a maximum of 5,291-lbs. -- an almost astonishing feat for a luxury SUV if not for Jaguar F-PACE. As well, the Jaguar F-PACE roof can carry up to 165-lbs. of recreational gear.


Essential today are the following technological features found in Jaguar F-PACE:

  • A 12.3-inch, 3D driver-information screen and head-up display mitigate distracting turns of head.
  • Meridian Audio lends an Abbey Road soundstage affect to audio quality.
  • Active Road Noise Cancellation delivers a serene interior space.

Jaguar Fairfield – Your Stratford Location for Jaguar F-PACE Excellence

Visit our local Fairfield area dealership today to take a Jaguar F-PACE test drive.

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Trade Your Present Car Towards Jaguar Luxury at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

At Jaguar Fairfield, we like to answer client questions as they come.

So, if you're looking to trade your present vehicle, the time couldn't be better. And the entire trade-in appraisal process has been simplified for easy completion from home in Bridgeport or confines of office in Norwalk.

Why Should I Trade My Current Vehicle at Jaguar Fairfield?

Simply put, trading in your current vehicle towards that ultimate upgrade in a Jaguar luxury SUV is cost efficient. With an estimated value in hand, this amount is then used against the asking price of any Jaguar luxury sedan found delightful.

By having a present vehicle to trade, there's that sense of leverage desired with any large transaction. It's really a "no brainer."

How Do I Trade My Present Vehicle Near Milford?

In partnering with Kelley Blue Book® (KBB), Jaguar Fairfield has created an online trade-in appraisal form. Upon accessing the online form, supply all pertinent vehicle information as asked. With these details entered and submitted, you're presented with the KBB trade-in range and actual trade-in value.

Before coming down to our local Shelton area dealership, print out the KBB results. And, of course, bring your vehicle to trade as well. You will be then greeted by our seasoned sales professionals on next steps to Jaguar excellence upgraded to.

Can I Start a Finance Application Online From Home in Stratford, Too?

Starting the Jaguar Fairfield finance application online is as easy as entering your contact information and purchase timeframe. With form's submittal, a Jaguar Fairfield finance professional will apprise you of the finance application process in-full.

Jaguar Fairfield – The Fairfield Spot to Trade Your Present Vehicle

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the trade-in process at Jaguar Fairfield, stop by our local Bridgeport area dealership.

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There Will Be Enormous Value on a New Jaguar This Labor Day

If you are thinking about landing your dream car like the new 2021 Jaguar F-PACE and the time is near, consider driving off in a new Jaguar from Jaguar Fairfield this Labor Day. During Labor Day, savings abound because our dealership is making room for incoming inventory by getting rid of our current stock in Fairfield, CT. Buying a car on Labor Day makes perfect sense because you can rest assured that you get your new vehicle during a sale. Jaguar is a terrific luxury brand that offers some of the highest quality cars available in the world. Do not miss a chance to own your dream car this Labor Day.

Buying a new Jaguar means getting one of the top cars in the world. These cars are known for belonging on a racetrack while keeping every luxury you could imagine. While a new Jaguar from Jaguar Fairfield is not an actual racecar, it would be acceptable to drive it in the left lane of the Autobahn. Additionally, when you buy a new Jaguar, you get all the latest features that designers can cram into cars because this is an authentic luxury brand. If you are in the market for a new designer car that will impress anyone, look for our new Jaguar stock this Labor Day.

There has never been a better time to buy a new Jaguar than this coming Labor Day. You will get a magnificent deal on what will be your life’s favorite car. Our dealership will supply you or your family with an incredible new Jaguar with smiling service. If you are in the market for a new Jaguar, be you anywhere along in that process, you need to come out to Jaguar Fairfield this holiday for the deal of a lifetime.

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The Charming & Luxurious Jaguar E-Pace

The new 2021 Jaguar E-Pace will be worth the price of admission, thanks to all of its favorable components. This compact crossover has a great deal of sedan-like and SUV-like features. Of course, automobile consumers in the Fairfield, CT area will have access to state-of-the-art innovation. The vehicle's driving dynamics are very sporty while retaining a soft suspension setting for added comfort.

The new Jaguar E-Pace is an ideal choice for those looking to stand out. The vehicle's exterior is downright gorgeous, from its well-sculpted hood to its muscular rear-end. Some of the smoothest surfaces are visible all over the frame. Multiple trim levels have been built, including the E-Pace, E-Pace 300 Sport, and E-Pace SE. Various wheel designs are also available per trim levels, such as 18-inch silver-finish wheels, 19-inch five-spoke wheels, and 20-inch diamond-finish wheels.


The Jaguar E-Pace has superior driving characteristics thanks to its refinement and agility. Torque distribution gets controlled between the front and rear axels via Intelligent all-wheel drive. Massive amounts of traction are the result on the highway, which should give you more confidence. Under the hood sits a 2.0-liter engine that produces 246 horsepower while going from zero to 60 mph in about 7 seconds. You can up the ante by selecting the 296-horsepower engine that reaches a top speed of up to 150 mph.

Up to five people can sit on premium upholstery such as leather in the vehicle's cabin. There's a beautiful 11.4-inch touchscreen that's in the center dash. Pivi Pro software comes built-in for better fluidity among the touch-sensitive controls. Smartphone support is available, as well as Meridian audio, which delivers superb sound quality. The new Jaguar E-Pace also offers:

  • 3D Navigation
  • 12.3-Inch Interactive Driver Display
  • Wireless Charging
  • Subscription-Based Wi-Fi

Visit our showroom at Jaguar Fairfield to get an up-close and personal tour. A conversation with our financing center is a great way to find the best rates to fit your budget for this immaculate car.

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The 2021 Jaguar Lineup is What Dreams are Made Of

The 2021 Jaguar lineup is full of cars that say class and elegance. We at Jaguar Fairfield in Fairfield, CT have the Jaguar you want. There are several models, including F-Pace, E-Pace, I-Pace, F-Type, XE, XF, XJ, All Electric, and Special Vehicle Operations. You will not be able to decide.

The interior, exterior, and performance of these automobiles are pleasing to the eye. They are sleek and beautiful.

The F-Pace gives you various engine choices. You can pick the speed and power that will take you through any situation. The exterior contains LED headlights and diamond-turned finished wheels or alloy wheels. The interior has perforated grained seats with ambient lighting. The panoramic glass roof allows you to take in the scenic views as you drive around Bridgeport, CT and Norwalk, CT while three adults sit comfortably in the back with plenty of legroom.

The E-Pace, with its 9-speed automatic transmission, Jaguar Drive Control, and adaptive dynamics, lets you personalize your driving experience. It has distinct LED headlights and various 21" wheel design options. The interior has grained leather seating, spacious storage, a 12V outlet, and USB ports in the console.

The I-Pace is Jaguar's all-electric model. The panoramic glass roof has a special glass that stops the strong sun and UV light from entering the interior. There is also acoustic laminated glass on the front windshield and windows, which reduce noise. The car can be charged by any home outlet or from one of the charging ports located throughout the United States. The flexibility to run your car on electricity will keep your wallet happy and the environment green.

The F-Type has sporty grained leather seats that are 12-way power-adjustable, Apple Play entertainment, and Touch Pro™ systems to keep you connected to your devices. It has a rear camera, front and back park assist, and switchable active sport exhaust.

The XE has an R Dynamic design that emphasizes its sporty structure with chicane graphic LED lights. The car monitors how the torque is distributed so the steering and handling of the vehicle will be improved. The interior boasts grain leather seating and an ionization system that cleans the air. There are additional storage compartments you will like.

The XF has a double-wishbone suspension structure that offers superior handling of the vehicle. The exterior has chrome side vents and inspired taillights. The interior offers a push-button car start and leather seating. The panoramic roof is standard. There are a power tailgate and folding rear seats for extra cargo space.

The XJ is a limited edition model for the United States. The exterior has chrome air intake bezels and a rear windshield that goes smoothly around the car to create a floating roofline. The interior contains quilted seating plus 10.2 inch HD screens on the back of the front seats with foldable business tables.

The Special Vehicle Operations house limited collector's cars and highly specialized vehicles for discerning tastes.

All of the Jaguar vehicles will certainly satisfy your need for speed. With the ability to go between 155 and 176 miles per hour, you will be the envy of everyone in Milford, CT and Shelton, CT. Your eyes will always be on the road with the head-up display. The all-wheel-drive allows you to tackle any road surface with ease around Stratford, CT. The technology is intuitive. You will be informed when a software update is required; installation is done on the spot. The intuitive technology extends to the available safety features such as lane keep assist, blind-spot monitoring, and driver-assist monitor that detects when the driver feels drowsy.

Visit Jaguar Fairfield Today!

We at Jaguar Fairfield have the Jaguar you are looking for no matter where you live in Fairfield, CT. After you have used our website's shopping tools, contact us for a test drive. Our knowledgeable staff will be happy to work with you. The Jaguar of your dreams will be the Jaguar you drive away in. Contact us to learn more about our CPO inventory, new inventory, used inventory, and for directions.

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Why Purchase A Used Jaguar Luxury Vehicle?

When it comes to style, power, and luxury, Jaguar stands out. The Jaguar line of luxury vehicles offers some of the most elegant and outstanding vehicles ever produced. If you have been looking to get into a used Jaguar, then you will want to see what Jaguar Fairfield in Fairfield, CT has to offer. This Bridgeport, CT area dealership offers one of the most complete collections of top-quality used Jaguar luxury vehicles.

Why Buy A Used Jaguar?

These days, luxury vehicles seem to be getting more and more expensive. However, when you opt to buy used, you are getting incredible value for your money. First, you do not have to contend with the depreciation that causes many luxury vehicles to lose half their value after four years. Also, you are able to get more vehicle for your money. Consider how much a small luxury sedan costs. For the same amount of money, you can purchase a well-equipped midsize sedan that has about 30,000 miles on the odometer. Finally, a used luxury vehicle can last longer than you'd expect with the proper maintenance. For so many reasons, purchase a used Jaguar will make so much more sense.

What Used Jaguar Models Are Available?

Jaguar has a complete lineup of luxury sedans, sports cars, and SUVs. Because of their extended portfolio of vehicles, it will be easy to find the used Jaguar that suits your tastes and your driving personality. Here is a look at what used Jaguar vehicles are available.

Used Jaguar Sedans

Jaguar is perhaps best known for its luxury sedans. These sedans are designed to deliver top performance while providing excellent comfort. Jaguar currently has a small, midsize, and full-size selection of sedans.


The XE is the small Jaguar sedan that is quite affordable on the used vehicle market. With its excellent list of standard features and spirited power, the XE is a top first vehicle for those looking to get into the world of Jaguar.


The XF is the midsize sedan that offers an excellent alternative to the most expensive German luxury automakers. As a used vehicle, the XF is a luxurious and comfortable vehicle with an excellent amount of space throughout the cabin.


The XJ is the flagship sedan that provides uncompromised luxury and power. As a used vehicle, the XJ gives you the opportunity to drive one of the most impressive vehicles on the road at an extraordinary price.

Used Jaguar SUVs

Jaguar has been expanding its collection of SUVs to provide some of the most exciting vehicles on the road. Here is a look at what is currently available on the used luxury SUV market.


The E-Pace is a compact luxury SUV that is extremely affordable as a used vehicle. The E-Pace offers excellent style, superior fuel economy, and spirited driving performance. An ideal first luxury vehicle.


The F-Pace is the popular selling small luxury SUV that brings excellent performance and advanced technology at an affordable price. The F-Pace is a fast seller on the used market thanks to its affordable pricing.


The I-Pace is the much talked about all-electric Jaguar luxury SUV. The I-Pace features incredible acceleration and superior range.

Used Jaguar Sports Cars

For over a century, Jaguar has enjoyed a winning racing reputation. Currently, Jaguar offers one of the world's most beautiful and best-performing sports cars in its used portfolio.


The S-Type is a well-regarded sports car that offers incredible acceleration and stunning looks. Available with a variety of top powertrains, the S-Type is one of the most desirable luxury sports cars on the used luxury car market.

Visit Jaguar Fairfield Today!

If you would like to take a test drive of a quality used Jaguar luxury vehicle, then please contact Jaguar Fairfield in Fairfield, CT to inquire about their current used inventory. Whether you’re in Shelton, CT or Stratford, CT, contact us to check our used and CPO inventory and for directions.

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Why New Haven Customers Should Visit Our New Jaguar Dealership

We Have Everything You Need for Your Jaguar Model

It's no surprise that when you want to make an entrance, you choose our new Jaguar dealership near New Haven, CT to help you find the vehicle that makes that possible. Finding quality luxury models like the Jaguar F-PACE and E-PACE doesn't have to take a lot of effort, and our team is here to make it easier for you. We carry a wide selection of your favorite performance luxury models so you can take advantage of things like leather seats, cutting-edge technology, and the high-tech safety features.

Shopping our new inventory is a great way to find the right match for your personality and style. To get the same great models for less, you can shop our used Jaguar model inventory and find plenty of great features. There are off-brand models alongside the used Jaguar F-TYPE, XF, or XE that you've been looking for all along. When you're ready to discuss the next steps in your quest for a luxury Jaguar SUV or car, our Jaguar financing team is ready to help. We can get you the right Jaguar lease or used car loan to fit your needs and make the experience all about you.

Once you're a proud owner of a new Jaguar SUV or car, you can keep coming to us to receive the quality care that your vehicle needs. Our Jaguar service department near New Haven gets you the high level of attention and specialized attention that your vehicle needs to stay in top shape. Our team has studied this brand for years and have the experience you need to make the best of your ownership experience. You'll also be pleased with our selection of Jaguar-approved parts that give your vehicle the best support for every occasion.

If you're interested in learning more about what our team can do for you, check out our team to see what we're all about. When you're here at our dealership, you'll get to see how a new Jaguar near New Haven, Connecticut, can transform every drive. With many varieties of vehicles available on our lot, you'll have your pick when you come in for a test drive. Contact us today to learn more about the next steps in the process.

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Darien Customers Can Benefit from Our Jaguar Expertise

See Why You Should Visit Us Today

There's no question that a new Jaguar model for sale near Darien, CT has a lot to offer. Whether you love the way they look, the way it feels to drive them, or the way your coworkers turn their heads as you drive by, these models have it all built-in. The latest safety features and convenience technology can give you access to the things you need for a comfortable and safe drive. Premium seating surfaces and the latest bells and whistles in a Jaguar F-PACE or E-PACE are commonplace, which makes them all the more impressive.

You get so much in a new and used Jaguar model, including warranty coverage to protect your investment. Whether you shop our pre-owned inventory for a Jaguar model or an off-brand vehicle, you'll get a lot of options available to you. At your fingertips, you have access to pictures of the Jaguar I-PACE or XF, and you can compare each model to determine which luxury SUV or sedan is the right fit for you.

Once you've figured out which new or used Jaguar model belongs in your driveway in Darien CT, Jaguar financing comes in and saves the day. You get to discuss with our financing experts the new Jaguar lease options or used car loan solutions that allow you to enjoy your vehicle as quickly as possible. Making memories can begin right away, and we want to help you make it happen.

After you've become the proud driver of a new or used Jaguar model, our team wants to help you receive customized care for your car or SUV. Whether you need an oil change, brake repair, tire rotation, or engine service, our team is ready to spring into action. Our Jaguar service center near Darien can assist you in ensuring your vehicle gets the best care, and with their training and education, they're the best people for the job. Our team knows to use only Jaguar-approved parts for the best performance and longevity, and we never use anything less.

If you're interested in learning about us and our new Jaguar dealership near Darien, Connecticut, visit us today, and we'll help you learn all there is to know. We have so much to offer, and you can start with a test drive today.

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Jaguar Fairfield Can Connect You to Jaguar’s Latest New Models

You're looking for a new car, and you want something different from the normal fare you'd find on the roads of Bridgeport and Norwalk, CT. That's where the sales team at Jaguar Fairfield comes in. When you visit our dealership in Fairfield CT, you'll find a range of new Jaguar models that rank among the industry's most impressive cars and SUVs.

Stylish, built for high performance and packed to the gills with premium features, our new Jaguar lineup is exactly what you need when a luxury car is what you want. Let's take a look at everything our current vehicle lineup has to offer.

New Jaguar Cars

Serving drivers all over the areas of Milford and Shelton CT, our dealership can put you behind the wheel of a new Jaguar car. These include options for the latest new Jaguar cars: the Jaguar XE and the Jaguar F-Type.

When you go home behind the wheel of a Jaguar XE, you'll enjoy the benefits a stylish luxury compact that looks great, drives great and delivers a range of the market's latest and most valuable features. The Jaguar F-Type, meanwhile, is a full-fledged sports car, complete with a sleek sense of style and powerful engine options. When you hit the road behind the wheel of a new F-Type, you'll find options for V8 engine high performance and more.

We can also offer you options for the Jaguar XJ. The flagship model for the Jaguar sedan lineup, the XJ is built, both inside and out, to deliver a top-tier luxury car experience.

New Jaguar SUVs

Maybe a new SUV is more your speed. You'll be happy to know that Jaguar can offer you some of the market's finest. Our SUVs combine the impressive high performance you'd expect from a new luxury model with the top-tier quality that Jaguar's known best for.

The Jaguar E-Pace delivers a luxury-touched compact experience that's sure to leave an impression with its attractive style lines, optional AWD, and diverse selection of features. Stratford, CT drivers looking for something on the bigger side, meanwhile, will find lots to love in the Jaguar F-Pace. Equipped to seat the whole family, its supercharged V8 engine can dish out more than enough horsepower to satisfy performance-driven drivers.

And if efficiency's your preference? The Jaguar I-PACE is an all-electric model with a full-charge battery range of 234 miles.

700 × 314

Schedule Your New Jaguar Test Drive Today

Does a new Jaguar sound like the right choice for you? Get in touch with the sales team at Jaguar Fairfield today and let us know. We'd love the opportunity to tell you more about everything our dealership's new inventory has to offer. We can likewise connect you to our finance team to learn more about our current crop of leasing and finance offers. Don't hesitate to reach out to our dealership today.

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Introducing the 2019 Jaguar XJ to Fairfield Drivers

The New Jaguar XJ takes luxury to a new level in 2019, offering drivers in Fairfield, CT an almost unparalleled driving experience. Hand-tooled interiors, a breathtaking array of technology options, and plenty of comfort and entertainment keep both driver and passengers engaged for the duration of the journey. There are seven trim levels with a total of 10 different configurations available, allowing drivers to pick and choose among the many engine and interior options to get exactly the vehicle they want for their daily driving needs in and around Bridgeport, CT.

There are three engine options for the XJ: a three-liter V6 offering 340 horsepower, a five-liter V8 with 470 horsepower, and a five-liter V8 with 575 horsepower. All engines are gas powered and have superchargers, with a range from 332 pound-feet of torque to 517 pound-feet of torque. The base model accelerates from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in just under six seconds, while the XJR575 has an acceleration rate that reaches 60 mph in just over four seconds. The XJR575 can reach a top speed of 174 mph.

The XJ features a high-strength aluminum body that is riveted rather than welded for added strength. This construction technique offers added rigidity, allowing for a more comfortable ride around Norwalk, CT, as the ordinary shocks from road imperfections like potholes are absorbed by the chassis. The XJ also adds an Adaptive Dynamics system that continually scans the vehicle up to 500 times per second, adjusting wheel dampeners to provide a smoother ride. The driver controls the eight-speed transmission with a dial, and there are several drivetrain settings for a customized driving experience, including Winter and Dynamic modes.

Taking the classic exterior lines of a Jaguar and modernizing them with cutting edge aerodynamic styling, the XJ offers a sleek profile with plenty of distinctive character for Milford, CT drivers. A mesh-style front grille sports the Jaguar badge and is framed on each side and below by LED headlights and foglights. The LED taillights form a distinctive wedge design that wraps around the side for added visibility. Some trims offer four exterior colors, while the XJR575 offers up to 14 color choices.

The XJ's interior is a haven of luxury, fitted with quilt-stitched leather seating, extended legroom, wood veneer, and folding tray tables for rear passengers. The headrests feature 10-inch screens for viewing media, and a center console and drink holder is available to both front and back seat passengers. An oversized sunroof adds light while blocking UV rays to the cabin by day, with a blue-hued LED interior lighting system taking over by night. All seats in the cabin are both heated or cooled according to the weather in Shelton, CT and elsewhere. Drivers can choose the color of leather they prefer for the interior from a choice of five options.

Cutting-edge technology characterizes the XJ, its proprietary Touch Pro infotainment system at the ready with Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone apps, and real-time road information. Receive information about your fuel levels, lock the doors, or start the XJ and have the air conditioner running so the climate is at your preference before you get in the car. A 12-inch driver display joins the central touchscreen to provide the driver with an eagle-eye navigation system or three other screen options. Digital surround sound speakers deliver a concert hall-like listening experience as you cruise through Stratford, CT.

Safety features in the XJ include a full complement of driver assistance options that serve to warn of collision, lane deviation, obstructions, and blind spot alerts via a constant monitoring with both cameras and radar technology. There is an optional road sign recognition system that allows the car to maintain the set road speed automatically. The vehicle will notify emergency services when it recognizes a collision has occurred. It can also provide both its GPS coordinates and a self-diagnosis in the event you require roadside breakdown assistance. If you'd like help in parking your vehicle, the XJ will maneuver into a parking spot on command, only requiring the driver to place the car in the appropriate gear and control the speed.

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The New Jaguar F-PACE Delivers the Goods

The Jaguar F-PACE is the high-performance luxury SUV that will set Newburgh area drivers’ pulses racing. With three supercharged engines available and an AWD system regulated by cutting-edge technology, the new Jaguar F-PACE delivers a driving experience that can only come from Jaguar.


The F-PACE is a luxury SUV that acts like a sports car. It’s available in seven trim levels for Fishkill drivers, with a choice of four-, six-, or eight-cylinder supercharged engines, plus a diesel option on four of the trim levels. Taken together with the Jaguar Lightweight Aluminum Frame to make the F-PACE safer, more efficient, and more agile, it’s easy for Wappingers Falls area drivers to see that this SUV was built for performance.

The intelligent Adaptive Dynamics system and Adaptive Surface Response were built for the winding roads and unpredictable winter weather of Beacon, NY. The F-PACE is constantly monitoring the road conditions and driving patterns to distribute power and dampening throughout the AWD system to maintain safety and stability at all times.

The 550-Horsepower SVR

New for this year, the SVR takes the F-PACE to the next level. This elegant and powerful SUV will turn all over New Windsor, NY. Features of this top trim level include:

  • 5.0-liter 550-horsepower supercharged V8 engine(!)
  • Custom “SVR” Body Kit
  • 21-inch forged alloy wheels
  • Switchable Active Exhaust to enhance performance
  • An upgraded braking system to keep all of this power in check

Call or email today to schedule a test drive with one of Jaguar Fairfield’s experienced and professional sales associates. Or, simply stop into our showroom and see for yourself how exhilarating a luxury SUV can be.

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The New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE

The game-changing Jaguar I-PACE is an incredible feat of engineering that marries sustainability with strength and elegance. With two electric motors providing a range of up to 234 miles and a total of 394-horsepower and a beautifully-designed interior and exterior, the new Jaguar I-PACE represents the next step in automotive innovation for Beacon, NY area drivers.

Jaguar Goes Electric

The new Jaguar I-Pace is the zero-emissions luxury SUV that will turn heads all over New Windsor, NY. The 90kWh battery powers magnet synchronous electric motors situated at either end of the vehicle to generate powerful torque in both front and rear axles. The single-gear transmission ensures a smooth ride with no lag in acceleration.

Advanced Technology

Heating and air conditioning systems are a substantial drain on a car’s energy. To offset this burden on the battery, the I-PACE can set the interior temperature while it charges, ensuring a comfortable interior environment before Newburgh drivers even get in the car. Because it uses power from the charging station, your battery is unaffected.

And because winters in Wappingers Falls can be pretty intense, you’ll be glad the thermal management system keeps the battery at an optimal temperature to reduce the impact of extreme temperatures on range and performance.

The Tradition Continues

While Jaguar welcomes the future with the I-PACE, their commitment to a luxurious driving experience remains steadfast in this electric SUV. Fishkill area drivers will find that the stitched leather seats with optional heating and cooling features deliver exactly what the world has come to expect from Jaguar.

Explore our New Inventory page to find the I-PACE model that’s right for you. Or, stop into Jaguar Fairfield for a test drive today and experience the all-electric luxury SUV that was named World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car in its inaugural year of 2019.

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