Introducing the 2019 Jaguar XJ to Fairfield Drivers

The New Jaguar XJ takes luxury to a new level in 2019, offering drivers in Fairfield, CT an almost unparalleled driving experience. Hand-tooled interiors, a breathtaking array of technology options, and plenty of comfort and entertainment keep both driver and passengers engaged for the duration of the journey. There are seven trim levels with a total of 10 different configurations available, allowing drivers to pick and choose among the many engine and interior options to get exactly the vehicle they want for their daily driving needs in and around Bridgeport, CT.

There are three engine options for the XJ: a three-liter V6 offering 340 horsepower, a five-liter V8 with 470 horsepower, and a five-liter V8 with 575 horsepower. All engines are gas powered and have superchargers, with a range from 332 pound-feet of torque to 517 pound-feet of torque. The base model accelerates from a standstill to 60 miles per hour in just under six seconds, while the XJR575 has an acceleration rate that reaches 60 mph in just over four seconds. The XJR575 can reach a top speed of 174 mph.

The XJ features a high-strength aluminum body that is riveted rather than welded for added strength. This construction technique offers added rigidity, allowing for a more comfortable ride around Norwalk, CT, as the ordinary shocks from road imperfections like potholes are absorbed by the chassis. The XJ also adds an Adaptive Dynamics system that continually scans the vehicle up to 500 times per second, adjusting wheel dampeners to provide a smoother ride. The driver controls the eight-speed transmission with a dial, and there are several drivetrain settings for a customized driving experience, including Winter and Dynamic modes.

Taking the classic exterior lines of a Jaguar and modernizing them with cutting edge aerodynamic styling, the XJ offers a sleek profile with plenty of distinctive character for Milford, CT drivers. A mesh-style front grille sports the Jaguar badge and is framed on each side and below by LED headlights and foglights. The LED taillights form a distinctive wedge design that wraps around the side for added visibility. Some trims offer four exterior colors, while the XJR575 offers up to 14 color choices.

The XJ's interior is a haven of luxury, fitted with quilt-stitched leather seating, extended legroom, wood veneer, and folding tray tables for rear passengers. The headrests feature 10-inch screens for viewing media, and a center console and drink holder is available to both front and back seat passengers. An oversized sunroof adds light while blocking UV rays to the cabin by day, with a blue-hued LED interior lighting system taking over by night. All seats in the cabin are both heated or cooled according to the weather in Shelton, CT and elsewhere. Drivers can choose the color of leather they prefer for the interior from a choice of five options.

Cutting-edge technology characterizes the XJ, its proprietary Touch Pro infotainment system at the ready with Wi-Fi connectivity, smartphone apps, and real-time road information. Receive information about your fuel levels, lock the doors, or start the XJ and have the air conditioner running so the climate is at your preference before you get in the car. A 12-inch driver display joins the central touchscreen to provide the driver with an eagle-eye navigation system or three other screen options. Digital surround sound speakers deliver a concert hall-like listening experience as you cruise through Stratford, CT.

Safety features in the XJ include a full complement of driver assistance options that serve to warn of collision, lane deviation, obstructions, and blind spot alerts via a constant monitoring with both cameras and radar technology. There is an optional road sign recognition system that allows the car to maintain the set road speed automatically. The vehicle will notify emergency services when it recognizes a collision has occurred. It can also provide both its GPS coordinates and a self-diagnosis in the event you require roadside breakdown assistance. If you'd like help in parking your vehicle, the XJ will maneuver into a parking spot on command, only requiring the driver to place the car in the appropriate gear and control the speed.


Introducing the 2019 Jaguar XJ to Fairfield Drivers - Jaguar Fairfield Certified Pre-Owned & Service

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