Given its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, Connecticut and most of New England receives A LOT of precipitation. We don't always see this as a bad thing - especially when we have high-quality windshield wipers on our Jaguar model. Even though the special Jaguar windshield wipers are the best of the best, they will eventually start leaving streaks on your windshield - which can drastically lower your visibility and result in a serious accident.

Once you start noticing those streaks, it is time to switch out those wiper blades. While most people might say that changing out your wiper blades is a simple enough task, it can be incredibly frustrating. When you try to shop at an average auto parts store, you either can't find what you are looking for or you are overwhelmed by the number of options hanging on the wall. You ask for help, and either the sales associate does not know the answer or they are rude to you. After taking a wild guess, you usually discover that you purchased the wrong item. Hopefully you saved your receipt so you can return it.

Here at Jaguar Fairfield, our specially-trained technicians are eager to help you - and they do it with a smile! They will gladly explain which wiper blade style and size you need and will happily install them for you. And the best part is, we have each and every size and style on hand so you won't have to go hunting and you will get back out on the road in no time!

Additionally, we have the means to dispose of the old wiper blades so that they do not clutter up your garage (or your shotgun seat) or pose as an environmental hazard.

To learn more about Jaguar windshield wiper replacements, please contact us today.


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