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If you are looking for a new luxury vehicle, you can't go wrong with the sleek styling and performance of a Jaguar in Fairfield, CT. Jaguar produces a complete lineup of cars, sedans, SUVs, and even an electric vehicle. Jaguar vehicles are great for cruising around Bridgeport, CT or across the country. They are known for providing luxurious but sporty rides, and every vehicle in the new Jaguar lineup has sporty DNA.

New Jaguar Cars

Starting with the lineup of cars and sedans you have the Jaguar XE. The XE is a sporty compact sedan that is great for adding thrills into your daily commute in Norwalk, CT. The latest upgrades to the XE have made it even more efficient, as now it can get up to 28 mpg. If you are looking for something a bit larger than the XE, you can't go wrong with the XF. The Jaguar XF can be had as a standard sedan or as a practical Sportbrake model. The XF has great modern design fused with classic Jaguar aggression.

If you are wanting a bit more of an opulent ride in Milford, CT, then you are going to want to take the new Jaguar XJ for a spin. The XJ is Jaguar's flagship sedan. It is packed full of luxury and has every option you could ever want in a full-size cruiser. The XJ is perfect for making your presence known to those around you. If you want a fast version of the XJ to cruise through Shelton, CT, then you can always get the supercharged V8 R trim. This trim is known for being a proper British muscle car.

If you are looking for a bit more speed or a great grand touring car, look no further than the Jaguar F-TYPE. The F-TYPE is the successor of the legendary E-TYPE, and you can see E-TYPE DNA throughout its design. The F-TYPE is more than just a pretty face; it is a bonified burnout machine. There are several engine options on the F-TYPE and they all sound out of this world. The V8 is so loud that people will hear you coming from miles away. If you want an even less subtle F-TYPE, you can always go for the SVR trim. This is the track day special F-TYPE with all-wheel-drive and a huge spoiler. The titanium exhaust on the SVR turns the volume up. Between the stunning good looks and the vociferous nature of the F-TYPE, you will most certainly stand out in a crowd in Stratford, CT.

Discover New Jaguar SUVs

If you need something a bit more practical than a small sports car, you may want to consider an SUV. The Jaguar E-PACE is a great compact SUV with tons of character. It has modern lines that look like no other SUV on the market. It can come with AWD, which is perfect for Fairfield, and it has plenty of room for your cargo. If you need something to haul the whole family around town in, then you are going to want to check out the F-PACE. The F-PACE is like the older, more charming, brother of the E-PACE. It has more mature and pronounced lines in its design, but you can also get it in a bold SVR trim that turns up the excitement. If you are looking for something a little less thirsty than a supercharged 5.0L V8, you should check out the Jaguar I-PACE. The I-PACE is Jaguar's first all-electric vehicle, and it is quite impressive. It has a range of 234 miles on a single charge and it can do 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. It gives you the best of both worlds. You get an extra efficient green vehicle with amazing performance. The styling on the I-PACE is like no other vehicle on the road.

Test Drive a New Vehicle at Jaguar Fairfield

If you are looking for a vehicle that stands out in a sea of look-alike luxury vehicles, you need to take a Jaguar for a spin. Here at Jaguar Fairfield, we have a vast selection of Jaguar cars for you to test drive, and our expert staff can help you pick one out that fits your lifestyle.

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