What Are the Benefits of Electric?

Electric vehicles are changing the way people drive through Bridgeport, CT, and customers need to know all the benefits they have to offer. At Jaguar Fairfield, we work to educate our shoppers on all things automotive. That includes the impressive perks of switching to an EV.

Instant Power

Standard combustion vehicles come with a delay between you hitting the gas and you feeling the power of the engine. This is not the case when switching to electric. Most EVs now come with instant torque. This means that as soon as you press the pedal, you will feel the full might of that vehicle. Many Norwalk, CT customers think making this switch will sacrifice them in the performance category, but it is quite the opposite.

Other Driving Perks

Along with the added power, you also get a ton of other driving perks when choosing an electric vehicle near Shelton, CT. These EVs are quieter, giving you a more peaceful way to take on the road. There are also far fewer moving parts. That leads to less wear and tear, meaning fewer stops at the service center. Overall, you are going to get a much easier drive with any new electric.

A Greener Way to Drive in Milford, CT

Finally, you have a vast reduction in emissions. Every electric vehicle runs solely off a battery and motors. These components don't pump out the same pollutants that a standard combustion engine does. When you go electric, you will be helping our community and the environment stay cleaner.

Find Your Next EV in Fairfield, CT

Visit our dealership near Stratford, CT, to learn more about the benefits a Jaguar EV can bring your life, and how it beats the competition. Our professionals can also walk you through your potential electric purchases and explain the unique perks each one brings to the table. We look forward to changing the way you drive with an electric vehicle soon!


What Are the Benefits of Electric? - Jaguar Fairfield Certified Pre-Owned & Service

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