Summer’s the Time for Towing, Loading at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

Summer is the time to explore near Fairfield. And when discovering new spots, be they west or along the Sound, the opportunities for towing gear and stowing recreational equipment become valuable in an SUV.

At Jaguar Fairfield, Jaguar SUVs of Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar E-PACE and Jaguar I-PACE are all enjoined with towing and load capacities, and the necessary accessories to facilitate. All that's needed are your adventurous desires "pulling up the rear."

What Are The Towing, Load Capabilities of Jaguar SUVs?

When considering an SUV of any brand, you'll want certain features to perform as you wish. Given SUVs tend to be self-sufficient and adaptable, they have become popular with active families and athletic individuals throughout Fairfield.

Below are the celebrated Jaguar SUVs with towing and load capacities intact:

Jaguar F-PACE Luxury SUV

Efficiency is the underlying theme here. With seating for five and all-wheel-drive, you've got the capability of hauling up to 5,291-lbs. Roof-loading opportunities consist of 165-lbs., including crossbar weight. Interior wise, cargo volume is measured to 69.1 cu.-ft., behind the first row.

Jaguar E-PACE Compact SUV

If there's one word to describe Jaguar E-PACE, it would be agility. Drivetrains comprise rear- and all-wheel-drive, and seating for up to five. Maximum towing capacity is rated at 3,968-lbs., while interior cargo spacing affords up to 61.7 cu.-ft. of storage opportunities. Ground clearance is measured to 8.5-inches, which enables the accessing of Adirondack trails.

Jaguar I-PACE, All-Electric SUV

Electric vehicles (EV) are tempering the high tide of fossil fuel reliance. With all-wheel-drive spiriting five occupants, load-space length behind the first row is measured to 70.7-inches. Roof carrying opportunities will handle 165.3-lbs. A rear-mounted bike carrier will support bikes comprising 66-lbs. in-total.

Jaguar Fairfield Offers Jaguar SUVs, and Their Towing, Loading Prowess

Visit our local Fairfield area dealership today to learn more about Jaguar SUV towing and loading capabilities, and accessories too.

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The New All-Electric Jaguar I-PACE

The game-changing Jaguar I-PACE is an incredible feat of engineering that marries sustainability with strength and elegance. With two electric motors providing a range of up to 234 miles and a total of 394-horsepower and a beautifully-designed interior and exterior, the new Jaguar I-PACE represents the next step in automotive innovation for Beacon, NY area drivers.

Jaguar Goes Electric

The new Jaguar I-Pace is the zero-emissions luxury SUV that will turn heads all over New Windsor, NY. The 90kWh battery powers magnet synchronous electric motors situated at either end of the vehicle to generate powerful torque in both front and rear axles. The single-gear transmission ensures a smooth ride with no lag in acceleration.

Advanced Technology

Heating and air conditioning systems are a substantial drain on a car’s energy. To offset this burden on the battery, the I-PACE can set the interior temperature while it charges, ensuring a comfortable interior environment before Newburgh drivers even get in the car. Because it uses power from the charging station, your battery is unaffected.

And because winters in Wappingers Falls can be pretty intense, you’ll be glad the thermal management system keeps the battery at an optimal temperature to reduce the impact of extreme temperatures on range and performance.

The Tradition Continues

While Jaguar welcomes the future with the I-PACE, their commitment to a luxurious driving experience remains steadfast in this electric SUV. Fishkill area drivers will find that the stitched leather seats with optional heating and cooling features deliver exactly what the world has come to expect from Jaguar.

Explore our New Inventory page to find the I-PACE model that’s right for you. Or, stop into Jaguar Fairfield for a test drive today and experience the all-electric luxury SUV that was named World Car of the Year, World Car Design of the Year, and World Green Car in its inaugural year of 2019.

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