What Are the Benefits of Electric?

Electric vehicles are changing the way people drive through Bridgeport, CT, and customers need to know all the benefits they have to offer. At Jaguar Fairfield, we work to educate our shoppers on all things automotive. That includes the impressive perks of switching to an EV.

Instant Power

Standard combustion vehicles come with a delay between you hitting the gas and you feeling the power of the engine. This is not the case when switching to electric. Most EVs now come with instant torque. This means that as soon as you press the pedal, you will feel the full might of that vehicle. Many Norwalk, CT customers think making this switch will sacrifice them in the performance category, but it is quite the opposite.

Other Driving Perks

Along with the added power, you also get a ton of other driving perks when choosing an electric vehicle near Shelton, CT. These EVs are quieter, giving you a more peaceful way to take on the road. There are also far fewer moving parts. That leads to less wear and tear, meaning fewer stops at the service center. Overall, you are going to get a much easier drive with any new electric.

A Greener Way to Drive in Milford, CT

Finally, you have a vast reduction in emissions. Every electric vehicle runs solely off a battery and motors. These components don't pump out the same pollutants that a standard combustion engine does. When you go electric, you will be helping our community and the environment stay cleaner.

Find Your Next EV in Fairfield, CT

Visit our dealership near Stratford, CT, to learn more about the benefits a Jaguar EV can bring your life, and how it beats the competition. Our professionals can also walk you through your potential electric purchases and explain the unique perks each one brings to the table. We look forward to changing the way you drive with an electric vehicle soon!

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New Jaguar F-PACE Luxury SUVs at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

If you're in the market for a Jaguar F-PACE luxury SUV, Jaguar Fairfield has a full complement in stock near Bridgeport.

And by providing this choice, a whole host of other aspects supports your purchase or lease. Consider this a Jaguar Fairfield guarantee. Wherein fluent sales and finance professionals, and factory-trained service technicians combine their talent for an unparalleled client experience.

So, let’s look at Jaguar F-PACE near Norwalk at Jaguar Fairfield.

Jaguar F-PACE – The Details to Know

As luxury SUVs go near Milford, Jaguar F-PACE is sure to command attention. There's a certain elegance to exterior contours without mentioning an interior of luxury made. And all one must do is savor the famed Jaguar front grille for senses to stir.

Browse the following categories as they relate to Jaguar F-PACE luxury SUVs found near Shelton at Jaguar Fairfield:


  • Top speed has been clocked at 135 mph, while driven by an automatic, eight-speed transmission.
  • Acceleration from stillness to 60 mph is accomplished in 6.9-seconds.
  • Highway fuel efficiency is dialed in at 27 mpg.


The Jaguar F-PACE is rather self-reliant for a luxury SUV. And this is seen in a variety of aspects when seeking to haul up to 69.1 cu.-ft. of cargo situated behind front seats. Towing opportunities will comprise a maximum of 5,291-lbs. -- an almost astonishing feat for a luxury SUV if not for Jaguar F-PACE. As well, the Jaguar F-PACE roof can carry up to 165-lbs. of recreational gear.


Essential today are the following technological features found in Jaguar F-PACE:

  • A 12.3-inch, 3D driver-information screen and head-up display mitigate distracting turns of head.
  • Meridian Audio lends an Abbey Road soundstage affect to audio quality.
  • Active Road Noise Cancellation delivers a serene interior space.

Jaguar Fairfield – Your Stratford Location for Jaguar F-PACE Excellence

Visit our local Fairfield area dealership today to take a Jaguar F-PACE test drive.

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Trade Your Present Car Towards Jaguar Luxury at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

At Jaguar Fairfield, we like to answer client questions as they come.

So, if you're looking to trade your present vehicle, the time couldn't be better. And the entire trade-in appraisal process has been simplified for easy completion from home in Bridgeport or confines of office in Norwalk.

Why Should I Trade My Current Vehicle at Jaguar Fairfield?

Simply put, trading in your current vehicle towards that ultimate upgrade in a Jaguar luxury SUV is cost efficient. With an estimated value in hand, this amount is then used against the asking price of any Jaguar luxury sedan found delightful.

By having a present vehicle to trade, there's that sense of leverage desired with any large transaction. It's really a "no brainer."

How Do I Trade My Present Vehicle Near Milford?

In partnering with Kelley Blue Book® (KBB), Jaguar Fairfield has created an online trade-in appraisal form. Upon accessing the online form, supply all pertinent vehicle information as asked. With these details entered and submitted, you're presented with the KBB trade-in range and actual trade-in value.

Before coming down to our local Shelton area dealership, print out the KBB results. And, of course, bring your vehicle to trade as well. You will be then greeted by our seasoned sales professionals on next steps to Jaguar excellence upgraded to.

Can I Start a Finance Application Online From Home in Stratford, Too?

Starting the Jaguar Fairfield finance application online is as easy as entering your contact information and purchase timeframe. With form's submittal, a Jaguar Fairfield finance professional will apprise you of the finance application process in-full.

Jaguar Fairfield – The Fairfield Spot to Trade Your Present Vehicle

Should you have questions or concerns regarding the trade-in process at Jaguar Fairfield, stop by our local Bridgeport area dealership.

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There Will Be Enormous Value on a New Jaguar This Labor Day

If you are thinking about landing your dream car like the new 2021 Jaguar F-PACE and the time is near, consider driving off in a new Jaguar from Jaguar Fairfield this Labor Day. During Labor Day, savings abound because our dealership is making room for incoming inventory by getting rid of our current stock in Fairfield, CT. Buying a car on Labor Day makes perfect sense because you can rest assured that you get your new vehicle during a sale. Jaguar is a terrific luxury brand that offers some of the highest quality cars available in the world. Do not miss a chance to own your dream car this Labor Day.

Buying a new Jaguar means getting one of the top cars in the world. These cars are known for belonging on a racetrack while keeping every luxury you could imagine. While a new Jaguar from Jaguar Fairfield is not an actual racecar, it would be acceptable to drive it in the left lane of the Autobahn. Additionally, when you buy a new Jaguar, you get all the latest features that designers can cram into cars because this is an authentic luxury brand. If you are in the market for a new designer car that will impress anyone, look for our new Jaguar stock this Labor Day.

There has never been a better time to buy a new Jaguar than this coming Labor Day. You will get a magnificent deal on what will be your life’s favorite car. Our dealership will supply you or your family with an incredible new Jaguar with smiling service. If you are in the market for a new Jaguar, be you anywhere along in that process, you need to come out to Jaguar Fairfield this holiday for the deal of a lifetime.

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Summer’s the Time for Towing, Loading at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

Summer is the time to explore near Fairfield. And when discovering new spots, be they west or along the Sound, the opportunities for towing gear and stowing recreational equipment become valuable in an SUV.

At Jaguar Fairfield, Jaguar SUVs of Jaguar F-PACE, Jaguar E-PACE and Jaguar I-PACE are all enjoined with towing and load capacities, and the necessary accessories to facilitate. All that's needed are your adventurous desires "pulling up the rear."

What Are The Towing, Load Capabilities of Jaguar SUVs?

When considering an SUV of any brand, you'll want certain features to perform as you wish. Given SUVs tend to be self-sufficient and adaptable, they have become popular with active families and athletic individuals throughout Fairfield.

Below are the celebrated Jaguar SUVs with towing and load capacities intact:

Jaguar F-PACE Luxury SUV

Efficiency is the underlying theme here. With seating for five and all-wheel-drive, you've got the capability of hauling up to 5,291-lbs. Roof-loading opportunities consist of 165-lbs., including crossbar weight. Interior wise, cargo volume is measured to 69.1 cu.-ft., behind the first row.

Jaguar E-PACE Compact SUV

If there's one word to describe Jaguar E-PACE, it would be agility. Drivetrains comprise rear- and all-wheel-drive, and seating for up to five. Maximum towing capacity is rated at 3,968-lbs., while interior cargo spacing affords up to 61.7 cu.-ft. of storage opportunities. Ground clearance is measured to 8.5-inches, which enables the accessing of Adirondack trails.

Jaguar I-PACE, All-Electric SUV

Electric vehicles (EV) are tempering the high tide of fossil fuel reliance. With all-wheel-drive spiriting five occupants, load-space length behind the first row is measured to 70.7-inches. Roof carrying opportunities will handle 165.3-lbs. A rear-mounted bike carrier will support bikes comprising 66-lbs. in-total.

Jaguar Fairfield Offers Jaguar SUVs, and Their Towing, Loading Prowess

Visit our local Fairfield area dealership today to learn more about Jaguar SUV towing and loading capabilities, and accessories too.

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Jaguar Courtesy Vehicles On-Sale at Jaguar Fairfield Near Fairfield, CT

At Jaguar Fairfield, affordable Jaguar courtesy vehicles become available each, every day. With these Jaguar sedans and SUVs, you're assured of recent years of production and gently used histories. Additional benefits comprise Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) status, and all those advantages following.

What Is a Retired Jaguar Courtesy Vehicle at Jaguar Fairfield?

Courtesy vehicles are loaner cars made available for involved repair jobs performed on your own vehicle. These loaner vehicles are in use for relatively short, uneventful periods of time.

With this, Jaguar Fairfield courtesy vehicles have limited mileage and reduced wear. They have never been titled, and all Jaguar Fairfield courtesy vehicles meet with a rigorous inspection. In all, it's a savvy Fairfield client who takes complete advantage of Jaguar courtesy vehicles available at Jaguar Fairfield.

Jaguar Fairfield Courtesy Vehicles are Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned

Given impressive Jaguar features of performance, another go around for a previously owned Jaguar sedan is surely an opportunity. In Fairfield, this alone provides Jaguar CPO excellence where it will be appreciated and coveted.

Here are some of the benefits accompanying Jaguar Fairfield's retired CPO courtesy vehicles:

  • A limited CPO warranty is added to the existing new-vehicle warranty.
  • A comprehensive inspection of 165-points is performed.
  • Roadside assistance is available for the duration of warranty coverage.
  • Vehicle-history reports provide valuable insight into each retired, Jaguar Fairfield courtesy vehicle.

What Jaguar Courtesy Vehicles are Available at Jaguar Fairfield?

All Jaguar courtesy vehicles on sale at Jaguar Fairfield are of recent production years. So at any time, the following, relatively new Jaguar courtesy vehicles are available for purchase or lease:

  • Jaguar E-PACE SE SUVs
  • Jaguar F-PACE Prestige SUVs.
  • Jaguar XE S sedans.
  • Jaguar XF R-Dynamic sedans.

When Should I Visit Jaguar Fairfield for Their Jaguar Courtesy Vehicles?

With considering Jaguar courtesy vehicles, it's always a great time to be apprised of financing deals and leasing specials. So, visit our local Fairfield dealership today.

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Jaguar Fairfield Has Used Range Rover Models Available for Sale

Jaguar Fairfield is proud to be a source of new Jaguars for drivers in Fairfield, CT. The thing is? We know there are drivers out there who might prefer other brands and other experiences.

That's one hundred percent fine by us! The sales team at Jaguar Fairfield has used models for sale from a wealth of coveted brands. If you're looking for a rugged luxury SUV, we have used Range Rovers available for sale.

Find a Used Range Rover and Save

When you visit our dealership in Fairfield, CT, you'll find a winning selection of pre-owned cars, including options like the Land Rover Range Rover.

Land Rover's Range Rover SUVs have been renowned for generations for their unique combination of luxury refinement and all-terrain grit. Our pre-owned Range Rovers offer that same experience at a better price.

Best of all? We have used Range Rovers to match all sorts of different budgets. While many of pre-owned SUVs are recent-year, we also have used Range Rovers that are older. These older used models are still luxury models, guided by the same premium mindset that makes their present-day peers such a draw.

They also just happen to come with a lower price tag.

Contact Our Dealership Today and Find the Used Range Rover for You

Would you like to know more about the used Range Rover SUVs available for sale in Fairfield? Reach out to the sales team at Jaguar Fairfield today! We're always delighted for the opportunity to help our customers.

If a used luxury model is the best way to help you, we'd encourage you to give us a call! We'll provide a full rundown of our current used inventory. We can likewise connect you to our finance center and get you started on a loan that fits your budget.

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Why New Haven Customers Should Visit Our New Jaguar Dealership

We Have Everything You Need for Your Jaguar Model

It's no surprise that when you want to make an entrance, you choose our new Jaguar dealership near New Haven, CT to help you find the vehicle that makes that possible. Finding quality luxury models like the Jaguar F-PACE and E-PACE doesn't have to take a lot of effort, and our team is here to make it easier for you. We carry a wide selection of your favorite performance luxury models so you can take advantage of things like leather seats, cutting-edge technology, and the high-tech safety features.

Shopping our new inventory is a great way to find the right match for your personality and style. To get the same great models for less, you can shop our used Jaguar model inventory and find plenty of great features. There are off-brand models alongside the used Jaguar F-TYPE, XF, or XE that you've been looking for all along. When you're ready to discuss the next steps in your quest for a luxury Jaguar SUV or car, our Jaguar financing team is ready to help. We can get you the right Jaguar lease or used car loan to fit your needs and make the experience all about you.

Once you're a proud owner of a new Jaguar SUV or car, you can keep coming to us to receive the quality care that your vehicle needs. Our Jaguar service department near New Haven gets you the high level of attention and specialized attention that your vehicle needs to stay in top shape. Our team has studied this brand for years and have the experience you need to make the best of your ownership experience. You'll also be pleased with our selection of Jaguar-approved parts that give your vehicle the best support for every occasion.

If you're interested in learning more about what our team can do for you, check out our team to see what we're all about. When you're here at our dealership, you'll get to see how a new Jaguar near New Haven, Connecticut, can transform every drive. With many varieties of vehicles available on our lot, you'll have your pick when you come in for a test drive. Contact us today to learn more about the next steps in the process.

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Darien Customers Can Benefit from Our Jaguar Expertise

See Why You Should Visit Us Today

There's no question that a new Jaguar model for sale near Darien, CT has a lot to offer. Whether you love the way they look, the way it feels to drive them, or the way your coworkers turn their heads as you drive by, these models have it all built-in. The latest safety features and convenience technology can give you access to the things you need for a comfortable and safe drive. Premium seating surfaces and the latest bells and whistles in a Jaguar F-PACE or E-PACE are commonplace, which makes them all the more impressive.

You get so much in a new and used Jaguar model, including warranty coverage to protect your investment. Whether you shop our pre-owned inventory for a Jaguar model or an off-brand vehicle, you'll get a lot of options available to you. At your fingertips, you have access to pictures of the Jaguar I-PACE or XF, and you can compare each model to determine which luxury SUV or sedan is the right fit for you.

Once you've figured out which new or used Jaguar model belongs in your driveway in Darien CT, Jaguar financing comes in and saves the day. You get to discuss with our financing experts the new Jaguar lease options or used car loan solutions that allow you to enjoy your vehicle as quickly as possible. Making memories can begin right away, and we want to help you make it happen.

After you've become the proud driver of a new or used Jaguar model, our team wants to help you receive customized care for your car or SUV. Whether you need an oil change, brake repair, tire rotation, or engine service, our team is ready to spring into action. Our Jaguar service center near Darien can assist you in ensuring your vehicle gets the best care, and with their training and education, they're the best people for the job. Our team knows to use only Jaguar-approved parts for the best performance and longevity, and we never use anything less.

If you're interested in learning about us and our new Jaguar dealership near Darien, Connecticut, visit us today, and we'll help you learn all there is to know. We have so much to offer, and you can start with a test drive today.

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The New Jaguar E-Pace Offers the Luxury Experience You Want in a Compact SUV Package

Compact SUVs have been growing in popularity over the past few years, and it's not hard to explain why. While many Bridgeport and Norwalk, CT drivers want the benefits of an SUV, some tend to be less interested in the clunky performance you get with larger models. A good compact? It can deliver the versatility of an SUV while feeling nimbler on the road.

The value of a compact model is only amplified when you drive home in a new Jaguar E-Pace. One of the newer members of the Jaguar vehicle lineup, the E-Pace can offer everything from advanced feature options to powerful powertrains and more. Serving drivers all over our area, Jaguar Fairfield has new E-Pace models waiting for you.

A Comfortable Interior Decked Out with Coveted Features

While the Jaguar E-Pace comes in two primary models -the E-Pace 250 and E-Pace P300 R-Dynamic- the bulk of its feature options are divided up among four trims: standard, S, SE, and HSE.

Even driving behind the wheel of the standard trim, the Jaguar E-Pace is well-equipped. It offers amenities like heated mirrors and automatic windshield wipers. You'll also enjoy features and equipment like push-button start, dual-zone automatic climate control, and a rock-solid infotainment sound system.

Climbing to the E-Pace's higher-level trims, you'll unlock options for features that run the gamut from built-in navigation and keyless entry to heated seating, Apple CarPlay/Android Auto and more. The "more" includes active safety technology like blind-spot monitoring, automatic high beams, and forward-collision warnings with automatic braking.

Driving and Performance

While the Jaguar E-Pace definitely benefits from optional all-wheel-drive and selectable driving modes, the core of its high-performance lies with the powertrains under its hood. These include a standard 246 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-4.

And if that's not enough for you somehow? The E-Pace can also offer a second turbocharged inline-4 engine option. Its second powertrain is even more powerful, with a high-performance peak of 296 horsepower. That's more than enough to get this small SUV moving like a sports car. It's also well beyond what you'd find in compact SUVs built by most mainstream automakers.

It doesn't matter if you're driving in the rain, snow, shine, or whatever else the roads of Connecticut can cook up. The new Jaguar E-Pace is equipped to handle it.

Come Experience the Jaguar E-Pace SUV for Yourself

Do you think the Jaguar E-Pace might be the luxury compact SUV you've been searching for? The best way to find out for sure is to come and visit the sales team at Jaguar Fairfield. Based in Fairfield CT, our dealership has a wide range of new Jaguar models available. We serve drivers from all over the areas of Milford, Shelton, and Stratford, CT. We'd love the chance to add your name to our growing list of happy customers.

Call us today to schedule an appointment and learn all about our latest financing offers and incentives.

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