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As the weather warms, make sure your Jaguar is ready for spring road trips. Contact the Jaguar Land Rover service Department for more information. Ask for Jennifer or email
BG Brake Fluid Service
Helps to get overall better brake performance and longevity by flushing out the brake fluid from brake lines and master cylinder. Recommended every 3 years or when brakes are replaced.

BG Differential Service

Helps improve fuel efficiency and drivability by cleaning out the fuel system, rails, injectors, and high pressure pump. Recommended every 50,000 miles.

BG Fuel/Air Induction Service
Helps preserve the life and performance of your 4x4 system by cleaning out the fuel. Recommended every 110,000 miles.

BG Power Steering Service
Helps improve smoothness in steering by keeping the steering rack lubricated and fluid clean. Recommended based on fluid condition.

BG Cooling System Flush
Helps to prevent overheating, corrosion, and rust in the coolant system by clearing out contaminants which helps regulate engine temperature. Cooling system flush recommended every 40,000 miles.    

BG HVAC Disinfectant

Helps to prevent growth of mold, fungi and other odor causing organisms by cleaning and filtering the air system  keeps the interior smelling fresh and clean. Recommended  based on condition of vehicle.

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